Tips for Bingo 2020

Best Online Bingo Game

Even before it became an integral part of entertainment parlors on the Internet, “housey-housey” was among the most played games in the US and UK. The number of offline halls may be declining slowly, but the game isn’t losing its popularity.

What’s the most important thing everyone should know about online Bingo?

To be able to get the most of any game, players should know its essentials, accompanying rules and strategies, and Bingo is no exception to this. There are many variations, but the basic mechanism is more or less the same for the majority of them.

Allow us to introduce you to the most important rules and share some ultimately useful tips on choosing the best game and room.

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How to Choose the Best Online Game?

First of all, there are various types of Bingo, with 90-ball and 75-ball being by far the most popular ones. There are some similarities between them, but each of them has its specific points. It’s also often mixed with keno, but again- it’s just on the surface.

A 90-ball online bingo game…

… contains the numbers one through to 90. In most cases, this variant is played on a single strip that hosts a combination of six tickets- one for each round of gameplay. The 90 numbers are spread across all six cards, with each number can only be called out once per session.

There are three ways to win when you play versions based on this type:

  • 1 line – when all 5 numbers displayed on a line are called
  • 2 lines – when all 10 numbers displayed on two lines of a ticket are called
  • House – when all 15 numbers displayed on a ticket are called

As for 75-ball online bingo…

…numbers go from one to 75, and they are selected by the random number generator. However, there’s one interesting difference-every card is marked with the letters B-I-N-G-O. To win some money, punters need to make a specific pattern.

Here are some examples:

  • Single Line – A complete line across, down, or diagonally.
  • Double Line – Two lines running across, down, or diagonally.
  • X Pattern – An X shape on the game card.
  • Blackout – All the numbers on the game card are marked off.
  • Custom Patterns – These patterns can include any predefined layout of five or more numbers such as two numbers at the top, two at the bottom, and one in the center.

Aside from these two major categories…

…you will encounter many variants which rely on either 90-ball or 75-ball. So, the best one will be the one whose rules are more attractive to you, and which system is more interesting.

This game has always being a fertile ground for numerous popular myths and theories, but the truth is that RNG dictates it all. No matter how many lucky charms one has, nothing is guaranteed.

Some say that…

…selecting tickets that don’t duplicate numbers work, the others believe punters should retain cards from the previous sessions. Buying multiple cards is a strategy some players implement, and this one perhaps makes the most sense.

What each player can do is make sure the game comes from a trustworthy studio, and that’s the only thing that can turn the odds in your favor. And finally, make sure you manage your bankroll well.

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